Sunday, August 25, 2013

Humanizing Genderqueer 16: Jolene

Humanizing Genderqueer: Lived experiences of non-binary people.

Gender Wins: Recall a happy memory of when you felt most comfortable in your gender or most accepted as your gender by those around you.

Mom helping me pick out men's clothes.

Gender Struggles: Tell about a time when circumstances would not allow, or you had to make sacrifices, to remain true to your gender.

I refuse to grow out my hair because it is going against my true self to have it long. I get called "sir" a LOT because of it though.

Humanist Involvement: Suggest something the humanist community could do to make a positive impact on your personal quality of life.

Don't judge someone on what they look like. If you don't know what to call someone, instead of just calling them "sir" or "ma'am" by their appearance, why not just ask them their name and call them that?

How You Identify (optional): Name, age, gender, location, ethnicity, anything you deem relevant.

Jolene, 28, Pennsylvania, White, Queer

Survey responses shared with permission.

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