Sunday, November 20, 2016

Suffering as Social Capital

I see a dangerous idea circulating: the idea of suffering as social capital.

I see it in the way many will regard suffering to be the determining factor for transness: more suffering/dysphoria = more trans; the most true form of transness being death itself. (Glares at truscum.)

I see it in activist circles too, the idea that the more you suffer for The Cause, the more radical you are. Isn't the perk of socialism that it does not demand equal labor from all people? We seek liberation. Why would we replicate the destructive approach to get there that capitalism offers? Why would we demand those with different abilities to perform the same productivity or else deem they be accorded less liberation?

Sometimes it feels like everything is violence and hate and it becomes overwhelming. Then a friend talks about how they made pudding, and I can be a little more okay. I need that connection with others. I need solidarity. People on Facebook are what keeps me going, are part of what fuels the revolution. If there's no room for people who can post things on Facebook and make pudding, stop the bus and let me off, I will take no part of this fake socialism.