Sunday, August 11, 2013

Humanizing Genderqueer 14: Mx. Bear

Humanizing Genderqueer: Lived experiences of non-binary people.

Gender Wins: Recall a happy memory of when you felt most comfortable in your gender or most accepted as your gender by those around you.

When I told my husband I'd come to realize the source of a lot of my discomfort in life is that I'm genderqueer, and I was clearly scared to be having this talk, and he just hugged me and told me this doesn't change us... that I am who and what I am, and he loves me just the same as always.

Gender Struggles: Tell about a time when circumstances would not allow, or you had to make sacrifices, to remain true to your gender.

There are no correct restrooms for me in public places because I feel just as wrong in a womens' restroom as a mens' restroom. I've never been okay with restrooms at school, in the mall, etc in my entire life.

How You Identify (optional): Name, age, gender, location, ethnicity, anything you deem relevant.

Mx. Bear

Survey responses shared with permission.

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