Sunday, August 18, 2013

Humanizing Genderqueer 15: Austin

Humanizing Genderqueer: Lived experiences of non-binary people.

Gender Wins: Recall a happy memory of when you felt most comfortable in your gender or most accepted as your gender by those around you.

When I found a group of people who were like me and understood my feelings about societies views of gender and understood how I view my own gender.

Gender Struggles: Tell about a time when circumstances would not allow, or you had to make sacrifices, to remain true to your gender.

When for a long time when I was younger my parents wouldn't accept me because of there religion and I couldn't live or be who I wanted. Also the times when I really don't want to be stared at or have the possibility of being discriminated against so I dress in a gender conforming way at those times.

Humanist Involvement: Suggest something the humanist community could do to make a positive impact on your personal quality of life.

Focus more on sexism, genderism, transphobia, and the negative impact gender roles and the binary have on people who don't fit it. Use science to debunk the notions of gender essentialism and the binary. Educate the public on how religion creates a false and narrow view of what gender is and how there is more diversity than religion wants you to see. Also include all gender and sexual minorities in the dialog of humanism. Just because you support gay marriage doesn't mean you are including all queer people.

How You Identify (optional): Name, age, gender, location, ethnicity, anything you deem relevant.

Austin  femme genderqueer

Survey responses shared with permission.

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