Sunday, June 30, 2013

Humanizing Genderqueer 8

Humanizing Genderqueer: Lived experiences of non-binary people.

Gender Wins: Recall a happy memory of when you felt most comfortable in your gender or most accepted as your gender by those around you.

The department store I work at has coworkers who really encouraged me to wear makeup.  This was something I wasn't comfortable with until I discovered that genderqueerness existed and I feel the binary break down whenever I clock in.

Gender Struggles: Tell about a time when circumstances would not allow, or you had to make sacrifices, to remain true to your gender.

In high school show choir, boys and girls were divided and given different choreography.  Girls got more complicated and interesting dance moves while we got simply stuff even when most of the girls had just as little dance experience as we did. I asked if we could do something else that didn't divide us by gender all the time but my complaints were ignored.

Humanist Involvement: Suggest something the humanist community could do to make a positive impact on your personal quality of life.

Encourage the performing arts to break down modern gender roles and reward and spread of new and innovating ways of expression for all genders.

How You Identify (optional): Name, age, gender, location, ethnicity, anything you deem relevant.

White, 20, genderqueer, bi/pansexual

Survey results shared with permission.

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