Monday, March 19, 2012

The Crime of Being Female in Public

To some, it doesn’t matter what you do: once you are charged with being a female* in public, you can’t win.  Take this article and the following comments about Angelina Jolie and two of her children going to the movies - let’s see how the kyriarchy responds to that seemingly innocent act:

  • Treating motherhood as a public spectacle.
  • Putting a young girl’s body up for public vote.
  • Expecting females at all ages to express the proper amount of femininity (while playing a shell game with that that actually looks like) and either:

  1.  Pitying one for not expressing enough femininity, or
  2. Shaming one for expressing too much femininity.

And the fact that people can find these things “cute” is a symptom of how sick society really is.

*This post seeks to analyze the way the public treats those who are presumed female girls, and makes no speculation as to the actual gender identity of these children

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